Friday, November 26, 2010

Symbols and Meanings for Tattoos

Tattoos are an integral part of mainstream culture today, and there are a large number of symbols and meanings for tattoos that mean different things for different people. Though the history of tattoos can be traced back to various tribes across the world, especially of the Polynesian culture, in today's times the Internet and the celebrity preference for tattoos has made them hugely popular means of self expression. 

Tattoos have special significance for the wearer, and you will easily see a whole host of tattoo designs around you that may not mean anything to you. Just like fashion emanates from the personal preferences of an individual, symbols and meanings for tattoos are interpreted in many different ways. These can be used to denote a person's point of view or his standing on a particular topic, and it can even illustrate the philosophical beliefs of a person. Getting a tattoo just for the sake of looking good is a mistake many people often make though, and this should be avoided. When you get a tattoo you should ensure that it carries some significance in your life, and that it clearly indicates what you really believe in. 

The choice of various symbols and meanings for tattoos is truly mind boggling. Assuming that you have decided that you want to permanently ink yourself, you must go about choosing the right design for yourself in a systematic and organized manner. You can choose from texts, black and white drawings, large sequences of tribal lines, or huge colorful pictures. You can design your own tattoo to lend an original blend of creativity and expression as well, as long as you hold a special affinity to the tattoo design. 

As mentioned earlier, there are a multitude of designs to choose from. Each person goes about arriving at these designs in different manners, be it from books, movies, music, references to popular culture, history, political agendas, environmental messages, or just plain sayings that depict what is on one's mind. The range of tattoo designs that you can choose from can include any of the following.
Based on the personality and the beliefs of you as an individual, you can decide which one suits you best. Do not get swayed by what other people say, and do not look for approval from anyone regarding the matter. Remember that it is your body, and therefore the tattoo design must be of your choice and something that you relate to and believe in. The worst scenario arises when a person gets a tattoo and realizes after a few months that the design they choose is not appropriate anymore. Tattoo removal is a painful and expensive procedure and one that will most likely leave a permanent scar on your body, so be wise. 

More Designs
As you may have noticed by now, the list is endless. Even as you read this, more and more original tattoos are being generated all over the world. Here are some more tattoo designs that may appeal to you and help you make a decision regarding the various symbols and meanings for tattoos.These and many more popular tattoos await you and your uniqueness. 

In case you didn't know this already, the place where you actually get your tattoos makes a lot of difference too. You have to choose the right location for a specific design, and it would not make sense if you just saw the various symbols and meanings for tattoos without paying any heed to where you're actually going to get the tattoo on your body. You need to make a decision about whether you want the tattoo to be clearly visible, or conveniently concealed. Some people prefer to get tattoos in areas that can only be viewed in intimate moments, and the decision lies completely in your hands. Assess the way people would react to the tattoo in various situations, and then come to a suitable conclusion. Imagine the President walking down with a bold tattoo saying "Death to Capitalism" etched across his forearm. That would not go down too well, "Now, would it?". Here are some popular choices for many symbols and meanings for tattoos with their seemingly suitable locations.In short, your entire body is a canvas waiting to be explored. If you're more concerned about the pain, you can learn more about the least painful place to get a tattoo. 

Whether you go for gothic, artistic, tribal, new wave, religious, political, regional or Chinese symbols and meanings for tattoos, the fact remains that tattoos are permanent. These will stay on your body for the rest of your life, so choose very very carefully. Do not be rash and do not be reckless in your choice and make a completely informed and intelligent decision. Don't get a tattoo just because everyone around you has one, and most certainly do not settle for an inferior design because someone else convinced you about it. Do your research on the various symbols and meanings for tattoos extensively and then take a call. If you find the right design though, it can be a highly satisfying experience.

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