Saturday, August 28, 2010

Get Paid to Write sites

This is an extensive list of how writers can get paid, I could have just posted links, but I thought I would put a brief explanation about each one so you the reader wouldn't have to click through each and every one. This way you can get a summarized Idea what each one is about, this way you can find the ones that best fit your goals.


With 451, they offer writers a nice free form way of writing, you may write on any topic that you have an interest in, However they do state that you have strong writing skills and a unique point of view. This is not to say that they will not accept amateur writers but rather this will help them match advertisers to your style and way of writing.

How you make money: It works like this, they only want you to solely focused on your writing so they offer you full support to make sure your blog is successful, they pay you 40% of the advertisement that your blog generates. They also handle things like advertising the sites in their network, by attracting advertisers to your blog.They also handle the building and maintaining the blog server. in short here is what they offer.


About is a site where you can really show off your writing skills. They offer 3 types of opportunities, and they are Guide, Writer, or Video Producer.

Guides- create articles to help many people seeking answers to an array of topics, you can work on a flexible schedule set your own hours. the compensation plan includes a base monthly payment combined with incentives from page-view growth, also a chance to take part of a Guide-focused PR program.

Writers- are contributing writers that work alongside with the guides, covering a specific subtopics, as a writer you are responsible for producing a certain amount of content per month on that sub-topic.

Video Producer- Just like guides and writers, video producers can work on there schedule, the only difference is that video producers are paid a flat rate based on spec.

Academia Research

With Academia Research is more like seeking a writing job, once you register you can look for jobs that are listed, once you find a job there will be a list of requirements for that job that need to be done such as research and deadlines to meet.You are payed for each job completed, also each job will pay different from one job to the next.

Once you have registered you will have to go through a writing test process, once that is complete you will gain access to the jobs that are advertised.


With Affsphere, all you have to do is sign up , go to your email and confirm, after that is said and done, your ready to start writing. Then set up your profile, and your resource box, write your article, and then post it. You are open to write on any subject, just make sure the content is original. They also offer an affiliate link to promote their site.

How you make money: They offer 8 ways to make money and they are as follows.

  • Traffic
  • Banner ads
  • Google AdSense
  • Your Downline
  • Viral Recruiting
  • AC Commissions
  • Affiliate Links
  • Sales Commission

This site is totally free to join. Get More sites at:

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